Rehearsal Diary

Cast member Tom Hanson writes about production of The Gathered Leaves

First week

We are fast approaching the end of the first week of rehearsals and, to wholeheartedly embrace cliche, it has flown by. We met on Monday morning, had a read-through, then began to rehearse the scenes. No pissing about. Lovely.

The read through, as read-throughs are wont to be, was fascinating. It was fascinating because when one reads a play, one has to play all the characters. Lines can often become blurred, if you’ll pardon the pun. Having other actors, other brilliant actors, reading with you is a thrill. Things that you didn’t notice before you begin to notice, jokes that you didn’t realise were there suddenly appear. It’s great. It’s especially great when the piece you are reading is as good as this one.

I anticipate that discoveries will continue to be made as that is sort of the point of rehearsals, and, indeed, the fun of rehearsals. And they are fun; I look forward to each day as I know that this piece is so rich and complex that my performance will be different come 6pm every evening. I am incredibly excited to share it with an audience, not just yet as we’ve only been rehearsing for a few days, but when it is ready, it could be quite special.

Watch this space!